Institute for Supplemental & Advanced Learning

Our dedicated individualized and small group instruction helps students become more confident and successful learners. Our core relationship with school counselors, educators, doctors, parents and students creates an active learning community. We encourage and promote “learning for life” in a student-centered friendly environment.


  1. We Focus on Individuals Needs  to Acheive Their Educational Advancement Goals.

  2. We Identify the Skills Needed for Achieving each Student’s Goals. Then Start Building Their Funadamental Skills in the Subject.

  3. Once the Student is comfortable in Performing the Skills Needed for Test Taking, We Focus on Developing the Test Taking Skills with Several Practice Tests. During this Process, We Identify the Gaps In the Student’s Skills and Develop Strategies for Effective Test taking to improve the Score.

  4. Few Weeks before the actual Test (PSAT, SAT, ACT, or AP Test), we allow them to Practice Real Timed Tests and Score their Performance of the Test to identify their Progress. At this point, We also Recommend Several Strategies for achieving their Goals by strengthening any gaps in the student’s skill set.