Savio Institute coaches/ tutors are dedicated to providing the best in the educational services. Our approach of individualized tutoring with an expert will both increase student interest in the subject and improve the grasp of the material. Our tutors will identify the student’s needs and provide the right approach and strategy to resolve the issues as they guide the student through every step of the educational process.

Savio Institute tutors come from top tier Business and institutional research facilities. They have studied and taught intensively in their fields in the local Universities. In addition, they have a strong interest in teaching. Working with our tutors will provide an opportunity to connect to a world of excellence in math and science education.


Mr. CHITRA, PhD   – Principal Coach and College Counselor

  1. University of Delaware, Newark, DE: Adjunct Faculty of Operations Research Dept.
  2. Widener University, Chester, PA: Adjunct Faculty of Chemical Engineering Dept.
  3. Teaching Experience:    High School – 10+ years;    College – 12+ years
Mr. POTU, PhD – Coach and College Counselor

  1. Georgian Court University, Lakewood, NJ; Assistant Professor of Biology
  2. Teaching Experience: High School – 8+ Years;  College – 12+ Years
Mr.  GANDHI – Coach and Adviser


  1. University of Delaware, Math Education
  2. Teaching Experience: High School – 5+ Years