Lois Brooks – Parent of 2007 and 2011 Students

Dr. Chitra was recommended by our school’s guidance office several years ago.  He provides individualized training and focuses on weaknesses within SAT subjects.  Savio Institute does more than teach test taking skills;
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Toni Butler – Parent of 2005 and 2007 students

 Dr. Chitra helped both of my daughters prepare for the SATs (Class of 2005 and 2007). Dr. Chitra was able to assess their strengths and weaknesses and tailor a program that was individually suited for their particular needs. The regularly scheduled sessions facilitated the integration of the SAT prep with their demanding schoolwork.
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Kirk Dabney, M.D. – Parent of 2006 and 2010 students

Dr. Chitra helped both of my daughters (class of 2006 and 2010) achieve success on their college entrance examinations (SAT and ACT).  While he and the staff provided excellent expertice, he and his staff were also very patient with each of my daughters.  He was also extremely insightful in helping them to focus in on the areas that they needed help on to advance their scores.  Each of my children was very pleased with the individual attention that they received as well as the motivation that he gave.
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Laxma Garlapati – Parent of a 2008 high school student

  Dr. Chitra has provided excellent guidance for my son in planning his AP exams and coaching for SAT preparation. He was also extremely knowledgeable in guiding him to focus on the subject areas  needed to advance his AP Subject Test and SAT scores.  The result is that my son has scored very high scores (2350) in Math and English reading and Writing.  My son is a 2008 high school graduate and attending university of Chicago.
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Ramesh Jammula – Parent of class of 2009 and 2010 students

Dr. Chitra has been very helpful in providing outstanding coaching and guidance to my daughters. His expertise and knowledge, excellent SAT tips and introduction to new vocabulary words helped my daughters gain the relevant and required skills to get good scores in the SAT and ACT examinations.



Peter Succoso, Sherpa Financial Services = Parent of 2002,2004 and 2009 students

 My children have benefited greatly in their college testing preparation by working with the Savio Institute programs. They found Dr. Chitra to be very patient with a unique ability to present information in different formats to fit their learning styles. He provided helpful techniques that they had never used before to help them conquer challenging questions.
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Sakthi A. Vel, PhD – President, Vel Micro Works Incorporated, Hockessin, DE

After seeing the results of her first SAT tests, our daughter felt that she could improve her scores with proper coaching, guidance and hard work. We turned to Dr. Chitra for help.
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